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About Ryan Harper


I started singing when I was 15. As a young singer, I was lucky to have my father present to record most of my shows.  By the end of high school I was operating cameras on my own and shadowing former CBC recording engineers to properly learn the craft. For over 20 years I have balanced a singing career with a constant diet of recording engagements.  In the end, I discovered that recording was what I was most passionate about.

My experience in the musical world has taught me the following insights:

The recording experience can, at times, feel frighteningly intimate. One must remain calm, comfortable, and confident in their environment to achieve optimal results.  My job is to help each artist feel positive and capable. I believe in creating an experience that adapts to the individual artist.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that  you may have, as I wish for you to achieve your best recording.

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